Who are we

Glam your Event!

We offer stunning event decor, floral arrangements ,ballon arrangements ,tasty cakes and Hors d’ouvres for all styles of celebration!

Our prices are customized according to the event size and the client’s design idea.

At GL Creative Design, we strive to please our clients and create unforgettable experiences! Our Ultimate goal is to take your event to the next level!

Our story

My name is Guerly LaRoche, I’m a nurse by trade but always loved decorating and baking. For over 20 years, I was the unofficial Event Designer for family and friends. A couple of years ago I decided to turn my passions into a business and founded GL Creative Design/ Baking.

My goal is to make your event glamorous and unforgettable

you are in great hands!

Do you have an idea? Got an event and want help with it? No stress, you are in great hands! 

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